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2017 Security Exhibition

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2017 Security Exhibition

2018 Security Exhibition     2018 Security Exhibition

12018 Security Exhibition     2018 Security Exhibition

Beijing Hongbo Yatai Electrical Equipment Co,. Ltd was established in 2011. The company has a scale of 20,000 square meters, including one R&D center, and two production bases(Tianjin/Beijing), with complete scientific research and production, testing personnel and equipment. We have a huge mechanical design and test center and a complete independent production, assembly and debugging process, with a registered apital of 20 million yuan. We customize explosion-proof monitoring products and solutions for all kinds of flammable and explosive areas. In terms of  electromechanical and design, we adhere to the concept of "innovation, professionalism, and intelligent manufacturing" and become a leading, internationally advanced high-tech enterprise. We do OEM for Infinova., Dahua, Uniview, HUAWEI and Tiandy.

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