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4MP Explosion-proof Laser Gas Monitoring Integrated Camera


Gas Monitoring Products

4MP Explosion-proof Laser Gas Monitoring Integrated Camera-1


4MP Explosion-proof Laser Gas Monitoring Integrated Camera

Product Overview

The explosion-proof gas monitoring integrated camera is a new generation of explosion-proof natural gas leakage monitoring equipment, based on tunable laser absorption spectroscopy technology (TDLAS), by connecting to the Hongbo gas leakage monitoring platform system, it can realize real-time monitoring data reception, conversion, storage, display, alarm and other functions. With a fixed installation and 360° rotating scanning omni-directional monitoring method, this explosion-proof camera performs non-contact measurement of the natural gas concentration at multiple preset positions in the workplace. Combined with real-time video images, it can monitor gas leakage in all directions. It can also quickly detect small and sporadic methane gas leak detection early, and can accurately detect the concentration value and locate the source of the leak, and make an intelligent alarm to actively report the alarm. It can realize the intelligent inspection of key areas such as natural gas mining platforms, long-distance pipelines, gathering stations, unmanned valve chambers, LNG receiving stations, gas filling stations, petroleum refining, etc., and 7*24 hours of online monitoring of methane leakage And early warning.

Product Parameters

●Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃

● Monitoring target: gas containing methane (CH4)

● Concentration range: 0-100000 ppm.m

● Monitoring distance: 100m/150m (optional)

● Sensitivity: 5ppm.m

● Response time: ≤0.1s

● Visible light resolution: 2MP / 4MP / 8MP (optional)

● Visible light lens: 23X / 30X / 37X / 52X optical zoom (optional)

● Minimum illumination: 0.0005Lux/F1.5 (color), 0.0001Lux/F1.5 (black and white)

● Night vision supplement light distance: 100m/200m (optional)

● Intelligent detection: face capture, classification of people and vehicles, area intrusion, cross-border detection, entering area, leaving area

● Image function: 3D digital noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, optical fog penetration

● Scanning range: horizontal 0°~360°, vertical -90°~90° (can be set)

● Scanning speed: 0.1°~40°/S (adjustable)

● Working temperature: -40℃~+60℃

● Power supply mode: AC85V~260V/DC24V (optional)

● Protection level: IP68

● Product material: 304/316L stainless steel

4MP Explosion-proof Laser Gas Monitoring Integrated Camera-2

4MP Explosion-proof Laser Gas Monitoring Integrated Camera-3

Application Scenarios

The PTZ laser gas monitor adopts a 360° rotating scanning omni-directional monitoring method to scan the gas concentration changes in a fixed space to detect gas leakage. It is suitable for large-area gas leakage monitoring such as station work area, valve room, pressure regulating room, etc.

4MP Explosion-proof Laser Gas Monitoring Integrated Camera-4

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