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5G Explosion-proof Intelligent Mobile Monitor Ball


5G HD Products


5G Explosion-proof Intelligent Mobile Monitor Ball

Product Overview

5G explosion-proof monitor ball is specially designed for high-definition video surveillance applications required for inspection and deployment, temporary operations, unattended, and emergency command in explosion-proof places. It can collect on-site monitoring images and sounds and store them on-site, and upload on-site monitoring signals to the command center through wireless transmission in real time, for remote video monitoring and voice intercom on the deployment site, to provide technical support for the realization of "unblocked communication, timely on-site, complete data, and command in place" for emergency command.

Main parameters

● Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃

● Wireless Transmission: Support 5G network (SA/NSA) while down compatible with 4G, WiFi

● Voice intercom: built-in microphone and speakers, can realize voice intercom function, optional LINE IN/LINE OUT

● Features: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, display screen, power switch, charging interface, network interface, SIM card slot

● Resolution: 2MP / 3MP / 4MP / 5MP (optional)

● lens: 20 x / 23 x / 25 x / 30 x / 33 x optical doubling (optional)

● Minimum illumination: 0.001Lux /F1.2(color), 0.0001Lux /F1.2(black and white)

●Image function: 3D noise reduction, wide dynamic, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, electronic stabilization, fog transmission

● Intelligent detection: face capture, human and car classification, regional invasion, cross-border detection, entering area, leaving area

● Intelligent algorithm: Safety helmet detection, post detection, front-end face alignment, face sign-in, license plate recognition (optional)

● Rotation range: horizontal 360 ° continuous rotation; vertical 0°~90° (automatic flip)

● Rotation Speed: horizontal 0.1°-200° / s, vertical 0.1°-120°/ s (adjustable)

● PTZ function: support 255 preset position, preset position accuracy ±0.1°, power off memory, automatic cruise

● Power supply mode: lithium battery power supply, external power supply (optional)

● Product Material: 304 / 316L stainless steel material (optional)

Application scenarios: oil field, chemical industry, refining, flammable and explosive places, remote monitoring, 5G special network monitoring, traditional simulation monitoring high-definition upgrade, inconvenient wiring areas, etc.

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