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Explosion-proof IP Broadcast Intercom Station


Communication products


Explosion-proof IP broadcast intercom station

Product parameters

● Explosion-proof mark: Ex d ib ⅡC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃

● Protection level: IP68

● Uses the IP network broadcast intercom system with pure digital transmission, with strong anti-interference ability and low noise

● Uses a standard SIP protocol that is compatible with various SIP terminals on the market

● Uses a high-performance processor with high capacity, full concurrent call processing capability and high stability

● Employs an advanced telecom-class G.168 line echo elimination, good voice quality

● Adopts international universal two-sided integrated circuit, accurate signal, clear call and stable work

● Use 30W output high-quality power amplifier for sound amplification, sound quality is clear and bright

● Adopts fully distributed structure, which can realize multi-point interconnection, supports cloud distribution mode, and dispatching desk can partipartition management

● Can effectively integrate the office field and PSTN network to achieve collaborative command and scheduling through the enterprise information platform

● The system upgrade is convenient, and the scheduling extension can be expanded within the maximum capacity supported by the hardware only by increasing the software authorization

● It has the functions of calling, listening, strong insertion, disassembly, partition broadcasting, unattended, alarm, fire linkage, electronic map and so on

● Provides a secondary development interface and SDK, to integrate mobile APP

● Made of 304 / 316L stainless steel, suitable for chemical and strong corrosive environment such as acid and alkali

Explosion-proof IP Broadcast Intercom System

Explosion-proof IP broadcast intercom system with SIP protocol as the core, combined with advanced audio and video, call control and other technologies, provide open system based on IP network, can connect with various standard SIP terminals in the industry. It solves the problems of traditional analog broadcast intercom system brand monopoly, short transmission distance, high noise, and susceptibility to interference. It is conducive to the establishment of a complete and unified safety production command and dispatch system for enterprises.

Explosion-proof IP Broadcast Intercom Station

Application scenarios

In addition to the normal production communication of the explosion-proof plant, the intercom system can be used for accident and fire alarm broadcasting in emergency.The system has the functions of point call, group call, broadcast search, tripartite call and so on, and can work in a high noise environment.



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