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Explosion-proof Intelligent Inspection Robot


Intelligent Inspection Products


Explosion-proof Intelligent Inspection Robot


● Explosion-proof mark: E x d e ib mb IIB T4 Gb

● Detection capability: high-definition video, infrared thermal image, laser spectroscopy, sound detection, toxic and harmful gas detection, intelligent identification

● Autonomous control: ontology independent central control system

● Communication distance: 3KM/ 10KM

● Automatic navigation: 16-line radar 3D drawing +GPS+IMU

● Automatic obstacle avoidance: lidar + ultrasound + front vision

● Driving speed: 0~5KM /h

● Climbing ability: ≤25 °

● Over obstacle height: ≤120 mm

● Wading depth: ≤150 mm

●Drive mode: four-wheel differential (Independent drive of high-power and high-precision motor)

●Shock absorption structure: four-wheel independent double fork arm suspension shock absorption system

Intelligent inspection product system

Combined application of wheeled robot and portable terminal, based on a unified set of system to achieve unified monitoring, unified analysis, unified management.


The petrochemical industry has extremely high safety risks, complex technological processes, high-risk production environments, and diverse raw materials and products. It is very important to realize safety, efficient, intelligent inspection. Multi-dimensional perception robot can not only well complete the repeated inspection and emergency auxiliary work under bad conditions, and can serve as a professional detection tool, find risk hidden danger in advance, ensure the safety of production.


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