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Explosion-proof Intelligent Wearable Terminal


Mobile Terminal Products

Explosion-proof Intelligent Wearable Terminal-1


Explosion-proof Intelligent Wearable Terminal

Functional characteristics

● Explosion-proof certification: intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification

● Labor protection certification: anti-static, flame retardant, anti-puncture, electrical insulation

● Lasting endurance: support more than 20 days of super long standby, 9 hours of video return

●Video surveillance: 1600W automatic focus camera, realizing 1080P high-definition video capability

● Data collection: photo photography, high-definition video collection on the work site, and support local TF card storage

● Voice intercom: high-fidelity clear call, dual microphone noise reduction, voice and video call, group intercom

● Personnel Location: supports multiple positioning modes (GPS/ Bluetooth / RTK/UWB)

● Intelligent inspection: inspection plan / inspection point / route management, electronic fence, action track

● Hazard alarm: SOS alarm, hat off alarm, fall alarm, climbing warning, near power warning, gas monitoring alarm

● Sign monitoring: monitor personnel status, awake / cap off / fatigue / syncope online through three-point sensors

● Remote operation: It can be retrieved, viewed, processed, and mobile APP related operations through the cloud server

Product parameters

● Explosion-proof mark: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb / Ex ibD 21 T130℃

● Protection level: IP65

● CPU:1.5GHz


● Operating system: Android 8.0

● Battery capacity: 3,800mAh

● Operating temperature: -20℃~+ 50℃

● Weight: ≤560g(with standard interior and electronics)

● Network transmission: WiFi, 4G Full Netcom

● Headphone function: with headphone jack and supports 3.5mm headphone access

● Color optional: red, orange, yellow, white, blue

● Function button: intercom button, scheduling button, photo recording button, lighting button, SOS button

Application scenarios

Explosion-proof intelligent wearable terminal with video monitoring, voice intercom, personnel positioning, intelligent inspection, danger alarm, emergency rescue, signs monitoring, task management functions can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, port, aerospace, military, municipal and other flammable and explosive dangerous places, can also be applied in tower maintenance, railway emergency, power inspection, wisdom site, wisdom factory, wisdom network and other fields.

Explosion-proof Intelligent Wearable Terminal-3 Explosion-proof Intelligent Wearable Terminal-4

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