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Explosion-proof Spray Type Infrared PTZ Integrated Camera


Intelligent Explosion-proof Camera

Explosion-proof Spray Type Infrared PTZ Integrated Camera


Explosion-proof Spray Type Infrared PTZ Integrated Camera

Functional characteristics

Structure characteristics: the set of all-round variable speed PTZ, network HD camera, array infrared lamp in the integrated structure design

Intelligent wipers: the use of car wiper blade, good weather resistance, convenient replacement

Spray function: the rear spray window is automatically rotated to the spray point position, the wiper starts, and it is automatically reset after flushing

Explosion-proof spray box: built-in power system and water storage device to provide strong water source flushing window glass

Power system: working pressure of 31 PSI, flow speed> 1.9 L/min

Main parameters

● Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃

● Resolution: 2MP / 3MP / 4MP / 5MP / 6MP / 8MP (optional)

● Lens: 20 / 23 / 25 / 30 / 33 / 37 / 40 / 50 x (optional)

● Minimum illumination: 0.001Lux /F1.2(color), 0.0001Lux /F1.2(black and white)

● Night Distance: 150 m / 500 m / 1000 m (optional)

●Image function: 3D noise reduction, wide dynamic, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, electronic stabilization, fog transmission

● Intelligent detection: face capture, human and car classification, regional invasion, cross-border detection, entering area, leaving area

● Rotation range: horizontal 360° continuous rotation, vertical-90°~90°

● Rotation speed: 0.1°~40° / S(adjustable)

● PTZ function: 255 preset positions, power off memory, automatic cruise

● Preset position precision: ±0.1 °

● Transmission structure: using turbine worm transmission structure design, precision step motor drive, sensitive reaction and smooth operation

●Automatic temperature control: built-in semiconductor temperature control components to achieve automatic heating and heat dissipation functions

● Operating temperature: -40℃~+ 60℃

● Protection level: IP68

Application scenario: 

There are flammable and explosive places where there is a lot of dust or oil stains that require window cleaning.

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