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The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer


The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer

Safe, efficient and intelligent        free your hands

HMT-1Z1-HB has passed multiple safety certification (PCEC, IECEx, NEC 5OO, CSA, ATEX) and is a rugged and durable headset that is used in wet, dusty, potentially flammable and explosive hazardous environments.It can be held in a safety helmet or crash cap and worn with goggles or glasses.

The HD mini display sits below your line of sight and displays the equivalent of a 7-inch tablet.It can be used as an industrial dashboard; when you don't need to use it, you can adjust it to a position that does not interfere with your sight.

HMT-1Z1-HB is equipped with 4 types of core application software of solution partners, all optimized for hands-free voice interaction.This means enabling remote expert video calls, intelligent document retrieval, digital job flow, mobile forms, and industrial IoT data visualization without scrolling, sliding, or clicking with simple voice commands.

The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer    The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer-1

  • Essentially safe

ATEX ZONE 1 and CSACl/D1 safety certification for the oil, gas and chemical industries

  • Free both hands for voice control

No manual operation like buttons, touch, etc

  • Active noise reduction, powerful audio

Active noise reduction, adapted to a noisy industrial environment; integrated speakers and 3.5mm audio jack

  • Strong performance

Independent Android 8.1 system, 2GB of memory, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

  • High pixel camera

16mp, optical anti-shake, high-resolution photos, video

  • Dustproof, waterproof and anti-fall

Up to IP-66 protection rating, pass the 2m cement drop test

  • High and low temperature resistance

-20 ° C to + 60 °C is available through environmental engineering related matters and laboratory testing MIL-STD-810G

The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer  The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer   The HMT-1Z1-HB Wears an Explosion-proof Computer

Adjust arm design

Six direction degrees of freedom adjustment, suitable for users at different distances and angles, can switch between left and right eyes, and flip the screen freely according to the use state

Make Global Industrial Production Safer
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