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Explosion Proof infrared light tracking alarm PTZ Camera

Can do OEM
MOQ: 1 set
  • HB-1000Z

  • HBYT

Functional characteristics

● double explosion-proof certification, explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIC T6 Gb / Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃

● uses a high-performance 1 / 2.7 inch line to scan 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor, high image definition

● has 22 x optical zoom at 5.2mm-114.4mm

● starlight class low illumination monitoring, minimum illumination color 0.003lux (F1.5,50IRE), 0Lux fill light on

● uses multi-angle fog surface / bright surface array infrared lamp, low heat energy, low power consumption, irradiation distance up to 100 meters

● supports the detection and capture of faces in designated areas, and enables the statistics of the number of faces to achieve better control of people in and out

● supports cross-border detection, regional invasion, entry / leaving areas, and can distinguish motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians to meet the needs of deployment prevention in complex scenarios

● supports 120dB wide dynamics to meet the requirements of high-contrast scene monitoring

● support H.265 Coding, 3D noise reduction, stabilization, fog transmission, ROI coding and focus, regional privacy occlusion

● 0-360° horizontal, 0-180° vertical, no monitoring blind spots

● supports 255 preset bits, power-off memory and other functions

● the window adopts special explosion-proof glass, and the glass surface is treated by nanotechnology, with high optical pass rate, non-sticky water, non-sticky oil and dust exclusion

● is made of 304 stainless steel material, suitable for chemical industry, acid and alkali and other strong corrosive environment for use

Use environment

1. It has class IIa, IIb and IIC combustible gases, and the ignition temperature group is zone 1 and zone 2 of T1-T6 group. Places where combustible gases or vapors form explosive mixtures with air,

2. It is also applicable to areas 21 and 22 with ignition temperature group T1-T6 and places containing combustible dust mixture.

Such as: petroleum, chemical industry, mine, military industry, medicine, oil depot, ship, drilling platform, gas station, fireworks production, grain processing and storage, etc.

Technical parameter

Product model

HB-1000Z -F6322

Explosion-proof sign

Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃

Levels of protection


Imaging sensor

1 / 2.7 CMOS image sensor line by line scan by i n c h

Effective pixel


Focal distance / double

Electric zoom, 5.2~114.4mm, 22 x optical zoom

Zoom mode

Electric zoom, automatic focus

Iris diaphragm

Automatic / manual, aperture range: F1.5 (W) ~F3.8 (T)


Automatic / manual, shutter range: 1~1 / 100,000s

Minimal illumination

0.003lux (F1.5,50IRE, color), 0.001lux (F1.5,50IRE, black and white), 0Lux (light on)

 Infrared distance

100 Meters

Day and night switching

Automatic infrared filter switching

Noise-signal ratio


Wide dynamic range


3D noise reduction


Through the fog

Adaptive through fog

White balance

Automatic / Manual / Tracking / Outdoor / indoor / outdoor automatic / sodium lamp Automatic / sodium lamp

Backlight compensation


Strong light inhibition


Coding protocol


Coding system

5MP (2880 * 1620), with 30 frames / s support

Video stream

Three yards flow


Time OSD, Custom OSD

Privacy cover


Front end storage

Support for Micro SD storage, up to 256GB

Back-end storage

Dual iSCSI data block storage

Perimeter defense

Cross-boundary detection, regional invasion, entry area and leaving area;

Support motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, pedestrian target classification detection and capture and prevention

Networking protocol




ONVIF2.4, GB / T28181, and Uniview Agreement


Support for IE7 and above versions (including IE7) Google, Firefox, Apple and other non-IE visitors

Safe mode

Authorized user name and password, and MAC address binding; HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x network access control (whitelist)

User management

Multi-level user rights management

Rotation range

Horizontal: 0-360° rotation; vertical: ± 90°

Rotation speed

Horizontal: 9° / s, vertical: 6° / s

Preset point


Preposition accuracy


Audio interface

1 In and 1 out (optional)

Alarm interface

1 In and 1 out (optional)

Network interface

Built-in RJ45 network port, support 10M / 100M network data

Temperature range


Power supply mode

AC 220V

Product material

304 Stainless steel material

Inlet hole specification

1 G3 / 4 " inlet hole

Way to install

Multiple installation options are optional based on the application environment

Product weight



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